Lyft’s ‘Transporter 3’ rides for free on the cheap with Uber, Lyft and more: Report

March 9, 2018 07:16:20In the last few weeks, Lyft has seen a spike in ridership after Uber was forced to close its own ride-hailing service after regulators ruled it could not profit from ridesharing, despite operating with no profit margins.

While Lyft still has hundreds of thousands of drivers, its ride-sharing business model has become much more aggressive in recent months, adding a host of new services like the “Transporter” program, which allows drivers to rent cars and shuttle passengers in return for money.

But the program still does not offer much in terms of income or profit for drivers.

Lyft is expected to report financial results on Tuesday for the fourth quarter, which ends March 31, and the company’s third-quarter earnings are expected to be announced on Thursday.

The ride-share services are all competitors for the Lyft drivers.

But Lyft has been working hard to attract more riders.

Uber and Lyft drivers will be able to join Lyft’s new Transporter program, but the ride-shares program is still not yet ready for prime time.

Uber, which has been shuttering its own rideshares and now only offers rides for $10 a day, announced it will add the Transporter service in January.

Lyft has also been working to lure more drivers with a new Lyft driver program, Lyft Express, and Lyft Now.

Uber also added Lyft to its fleet and recently opened a pilot program with the company in Dallas.

Uber’s drivers will not be able earn money from Lyft’s Transporter 3 program, according to the report.

Lyft says it has had an increase in riders since its debut in June 2016.

The company’s drivers and other drivers are allowed to work for as long as they have valid drivers licenses, the company said.

Lyft will also be adding new drivers to the Transporters program next year, and it will offer rides for as little as $10.

Lyft drivers in California will also get a free ride for every ride, Lyft said.

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