How to turn your TV into a virtual reality simulator

Star Trek: Transporter is one of those series that I think a lot of people love, and there are lots of people who would love to be able to do a VR experience of that series. 

But when it comes to a Star Trek virtual reality experience, I don’t think we have that technology yet, so I have been working with an organisation called the OpenVR Project, which is working on bringing a VR headset to the world and bringing it to people.

We’re hoping to have a headset ready for the public by the end of the year, and the goal is to have something available to everyone by the beginning of 2019.

I’m going to be working with them in the next few weeks to see how far we can push it, because there’s not a lot we know about how to do VR right now, and I think the first thing we need to know is how to make the headset work properly.

The headsets themselves are fairly straightforward.

The first thing to understand is that they are not built to be a VR device.

You’ll need a high-quality headset that works with a smartphone or tablet.

Then you need a smartphone that supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

If you are not using a smartphone, you can always use a PC with a built-in headset, or a PC running a compatible version of Windows.

If you are using a PC, you will need to install a third-party app.

And finally, you’ll need to have the ability to connect to your computer.

This is the part where we’re going to talk a little bit about the software.

One of the first things we need is the headset itself.

If we were to have it in the hands of the public, it would be a huge leap forward, because you’d be able really get into the series and see the whole history of the show.

You would also be able get a real sense of what the series is like in real time, so it would really be a virtual experience.

You would need a PC to use it, but there are a couple of PC programs that are available, including VRWorks.

Now, there are some problems with VRWorks, but it does support a lot more than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

So the idea is that we can use a virtual desktop, or use a VR desktop as a window, so we can have a window with the series.

That is actually what we’re trying to do, but right now we have the headset attached to the computer, and it’s still not working properly.

We can see that it’s not going to work in a window that has a proper headset attached, but we are able to use that window and play a lot better than with the Oculus or HTC.

But I think if we can do better with the headset, we should be able be able do a much better job with the virtual desktop.

There are two ways to get the headset.

The most straightforward is to buy one from the Valve store, which sells a variety of headsets that will work with the Vive, but will not work with Oculus or any of the HTC Vive compatible headsets.

There are a lot on the Valve website, so there’s a lot available.

I personally like the HTC-made Vive Tracker, because it’s quite a bit cheaper than Valve’s Vive.

So the second way is to use a headset that is compatible with both the HTC and Oculus VR headsets.

The Oculus Rift is a bit more expensive, but if you buy the HTC Oculus Tracker, which works with the HTC Vives and the Oculus DK2, then it should work with any of them.

That’s where the problem comes in.

So now that you have a virtual PC that you can use, you might want to use some of your favorite gaming software.

I’ve been using a lot for Star Trek, but the Rift doesn’t have the kind of support for Windows that you will find on other headsets.

But when you try to install the Oculus SDK, which we’re calling the Oculus Game SDK, then you will be able run a bunch of games on it, including some of the games that you’d want to see in Star Trek.

I mean, you would be able see the first episode of Star Trek and get all of the episodes of Star Wars, and you would have the whole Star Trek universe, but with a bit of cross-platform support.

That’s the idea.

But for now, there’s no Oculus Game Studio SDK, and if you have an Oculus Rift, then there’s nothing else that works well with VR.

So right now you’ll have to make do with a couple apps, but I think in the future we will have a lot easier support for VR.

I think it will be possible to get Star Trek into the VR ecosystem as a standard feature of any VR headset, but for now it’s going to have to be customised.

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