Texas’ Riverside Transport system to be upgraded, with buses and trains, buses, and rail links

A $1.9 billion investment by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is seeking a second term, will allow the state to upgrade its state-owned Riverside Transport System to meet its transportation needs.

The state also plans to invest in bus service and expand bus lines to connect other cities in the region.

The Riverside Transportation System includes four major highways, including the Texas 35, the Texas 66, the Interstate 40 and the Interstate 880.

The plan also calls for improving the state’s bus rapid transit system and the state has agreed to a $1 billion partnership with the private transportation provider Greyhound. 

The state also has agreed with Greyhound to invest $400 million in a new high-speed rail line to Houston, which will connect the region with Dallas and Austin.

The new line, called the Texas 36, will run from San Antonio to Houston.

Abbott announced the investment Friday at a rally at the state Capitol in Austin, Texas.

He also announced that the state will build a new $7.5 billion bridge to connect Fort Worth to the Texas Gulf Coast. 

It is expected that the new high speed rail line will be completed in 2019.

The Texas 36 will be a high-capacity, high-efficiency, high speed link between Houston and the Gulf Coast, and will connect with the existing Texas 66 highway in Fort Worth. 

Governor Abbott said he would have been “shocked” if the project hadn’t been funded by the federal government, but the Texas Transportation Commission (TxTC) has said it is committed to funding the project. 

“The Texas 36 project will help to reduce our dependence on diesel,” Texas Governor Abbott said Friday.

“This project will create jobs and improve our communities’ transportation options.”

The Texas High-Speed Rail Authority (TTHRA) announced Friday that it has committed $600 million to build a $2.1 billion high-frequency rail line that will connect Houston to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

The line will connect two stations in Houston and two in Austin. 

TxTC Chairman Chris Hays, a Republican, said that $1 million in state funds have been awarded to help the state meet the transportation needs of Texas. 

TTHRA Chairman Chris Hollinger said that a new bus rapid bus service is needed to connect Texas with the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. 

On Saturday, Abbott announced that Texas is adding another $1 trillion to its debt, which has grown from $1,000 billion in 2009 to $5 trillion today. 

President Donald Trump, who was in Austin on Friday to speak about the budget and the tax bill, was also in the area for the announcement. 

Texas Governor Greg Duncan, who announced the funding, said the state plans to use the new money to create jobs in the state. 

In 2018, the state added more than 300,000 jobs.

The federal government has pledged to provide $1 for every $1 of new tax revenue generated by Texas in 2018.

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