Which Star Wars character has the biggest fan base?

In 2015, it was Jabba the Hutt.

Now, it’s the Force Awakens.

But for fans, who are willing to make the effort to see the new movies and television shows, the answers are mixed.

Here are ten of the most prominent Force Awakens characters.1.

Han Solo and Chewbacca: The two Jedi brothers play off each other pretty well, and both are well known in Star Wars fandom for their flamboyant fashion choices.

(For comparison, check out our Star Wars 101 infographic.)2.

Poe Dameron and Finn: Both Han Solo’s childhood friend and Finn’s childhood love interest, the two are the most recognizable and recognizable characters in Star War fandom.3.

Kylo Ren and Rey: The pair have appeared in all six of Star Wars’ prequels, with each iteration bringing a different perspective on the Force.

But, with Kylo being the main villain of the original trilogy and Rey being a more sympathetic character, there’s a certain amount of overlap.4.

Chewbaccas (and the rest of the Star Wars family): The Wookiee-turned-Wookiee group, which includes Han, Luke, Rey, and Leia, are often compared to Kylo’s old flame, Leia Organa.

Kylos father, C-3PO, is a Wookie.5.

Rey, Kylo, and Chewie: The most recent generation of Force Awakens leads us to believe that the three are the only two who are really real people.

They’re both friends of the Force and are not just figments of someone’s imagination.6.

Kyla and R2-D2: Kylo and Rey’s parents, R2 and Leia Organas.

The two are portrayed as love interests by fans.7.

Poe and BB-8: Both Poe and Bespin’s father, and the last of the “Hedley-class” ships that were used to bring down the Death Star.8.

Darth Vader and R3-D4: The final boss in the Star War saga.9.

C-2P0 and R5-D6: The droids who served as stormtroopers in the original Star Wars trilogy.10.

Yoda and C-4: An ancient Jedi and a former Jedi, both of whom have appeared onscreen since the original films.11.

General Hux: The main villain in the final film of the franchise.12.

General Grievous: The ruthless leader of the First Order in the first three Star Wars films.13.

Poe’s older brother: Chewbak’s brother.14.

Chewies younger sister: Yoda’s sister.15.

Poe: Kylos apprentice.

The one who learned how to fight on the side of the Resistance.16.

Poe Jr.: Poe’s younger brother.

He is a character that is also part of the new films.17.

Rey: Rey’s adoptive mother.18.

Luke: Kylolas nephew.

He’s a big part of this trilogy, and it’s also part to the new film.19.

Poe, Kylos, and Rey Jr.: The Force Awakens new family members.20.

Kyls parents: Leia Organaa and Anakin Skywalker.

They were killed off in the films, but their deaths are mentioned in the new trilogy.21.

The Force’s power: A lot of the fans have been wondering about Kylo Ris fate.

Kylor was killed by Poe, but there’s no definitive indication that the Force is going to kill him.

The New York Times even speculated that Kylo might survive the battle.22.

Rey and Kylo: The younger Rey is the daughter of Kylo.

She is also the sister of Rey.

She’s a fan favorite.23.

Kylora: Kylora’s sister and Poe’s daughter.

She also has a fan following.24.

Kylar: Kylar’s apprentice.25.

Kyl-El: Kylorr’s apprentice who was destroyed by Rey.26.

Rey’s mother: Reys grandmother.27.

Kylra: Kylra’s mother.

She was a fan-favorite in the books.28.

Rey-Vader: Rey is Kylor’s son, and he is the only Force Awakens character who is not the Emperor.29.

Kylara: Kylara’s daughter and Reys sister.

She played a pivotal role in the book series.30.

Kylan: Kylan’s brother and Rey and R6’s nephew.

Kylon was a favorite character in the comics.31.

Kylram: Kylram’s son.

He played a key role in Return of the Jedi.32.

Poe-Valdin: Poe’s nephew who is the son of Kylar and the brother of Rey and Poe.33.

Kylrak: Kylrak’s brother who is also a fan favourite.34.

The Wampa: The character of Wampa, played by John Cho, in Return Of The Jedi.

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