How to get the best gas prices in your area

Gas prices in Calgary and Edmonton will climb as the Canadian dollar strengthens against the U.S. dollar in the coming weeks.

Calgary and Winnipeg are seeing double-digit increases in gas prices, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Here are the most important dates for gas in your region.

July 7: Gas prices start rising at $3.20/L.

It will increase to $3/L in Winnipeg, up from $2.20.

July 10: Gas is expected to hit $3 in Edmonton, up to $2, with prices expected to climb to $4 by July 13.

July 15: Prices in Calgary start to rise, reaching $3 per litre by July 17.

July 16: Prices rise in Edmonton.

Prices are expected to reach $4 a litre.

July 18: Prices are forecast to rise in Calgary.

July 19: Prices start to fall in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

July 20: Prices drop in Calgary, with the average price falling to $1.30 a litres.

July 21: Prices increase in Edmonton but stay relatively flat in Winnipeg.

Prices drop by $1 per litres in Calgary but rise by $2 per liters in Winnipeg over the next few weeks.

July 22: Prices fall in Calgary again.

July 23: Prices will start rising in Edmonton again.

August 6: Gas will start climbing in the Edmonton area by August 5.

August 10: Prices begin to climb in the Calgary area by September 1.

August 16: Gas starts to drop in the city of Edmonton.

August 18: The price of gas in Calgary will start to increase by the end of the week.

August 20: The gas price in Calgary is expected a little higher than the average.

September 1: Prices jump in Edmonton by the week of September 2.

September 3: Prices climb in Calgary by the following week.

September 4: Prices peak in Edmonton on Monday, September 7.

September 7: Prices hit $4.30 by the day after.

September 10: The average price will hit $5.10.

September 13: Prices stay flat in Calgary for a couple of weeks, before increasing slightly.

September 16: The prices are expected increase in Winnipeg on Tuesday, September 17.

September 18: Gas in Calgary hits $5 by the second week of October.

October 5: Prices surge in Edmonton after a four-day decline.

October 6: Prices remain steady in Winnipeg for a week.

October 10: It will be at $6.30 for a liteshot of regular unleaded.

October 14: The city of Winnipeg is expected price gas in Winnipeg at $7.40 by October 16.

October 17: Prices should hit $8.00 by the weekend of October 19.

October 19: It is expected prices in Winnipeg to hit the high-end of the market by the first week of November.

October 25: Prices return to their pre-peak level by the last week of December.

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