How to travel safely in Israel with cell phones, smartphones and laptops

Cell phones, laptops and other digital devices have become an increasingly common feature of the lives of Israelis who work or live abroad, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in the occupied territories.

But as more Israelis are moving to Israel from abroad, they are also starting to use the devices as a means of transport.

As a result, it is becoming more difficult to carry cell phones on Israeli roads and highways, said Meir Kahane, an Israeli researcher who has studied the issue.

According to the Israeli Transport Ministry, about 50 percent of Israeli drivers use cell phones as part of their daily driver’s aids.

The ministry said that it has increased the use of cell phones by the Israeli army and the Border Police, the police force tasked with patrolling the border.

The agency also announced that it is planning to deploy cell phone kiosks on roads and bridges, to help Israelis use the technology safely.

Cell phone use on Israeli highways and bridges has risen, too.

The number of Israelis using cell phones increased by about 80 percent between 2013 and 2016, Kahane said.

And the ministry reported that a total of 1,938 Israelis were killed and more than 2,000 were injured in accidents on Israeli and Palestinian highways and roads during the same period.

A few Israeli drivers who spoke to Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity said that while some drivers use the mobile devices to supplement their work, others use them to help them get to and from the office.

For some Israelis, a cell phone makes them feel more secure, and to get around during the night.

“A cell phone gives you a little peace of mind, and you don’t feel as if you’re in the dark,” said Dima Zuhay, an engineer who works in Tel Aviv.

“When I’m out at night, I can make calls without worrying about the police or the soldiers.”

Zuhay has been using her cell phone since 2013, when she used it to make phone calls at home.

She said that she feels more comfortable and confident using her cellphone, and it has helped her relax in the city.

“When I get a call, I don’t have to worry about the caller, and I can focus on the call, which is really useful,” she said.

“I like the idea of using my phone in a way that gives me a security blanket and also a sense of comfort.

For a long time, I’ve felt that cell phones were not meant for everyday use.”

Israeli drivers use their cell phones to call for help and information, and drivers in the Gaza Strip have been using them to call the ambulance service in an attempt to get emergency assistance to civilians in need.

The use of smartphones and other technology on Israeli roadways has been criticized in the past, with some activists accusing the government of deliberately stoking tensions.

The Electronic Intifada reported that in 2014, Israel’s security minister ordered the banning of certain apps and devices that had been deemed “dangerous” for Israelis.

The decision was later overturned by the cabinet.

The Israeli Information Ministry did not respond to Al Jazeer to comment on the use on the roads.

However, a spokesman for the minister, Avi Dichter, said in 2016 that “Israel is a free country and it is our responsibility to protect our citizens”.

“We don’t impose restrictions on freedom of expression,” he said.

“Israel’s security and privacy legislation protects the right of citizens to use their mobile phones as they please.

Our laws also ensure the safety of drivers on the road and in their vehicles.”

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