UK government warns ‘serious risks’ of ‘frightening’ drones

The UK government has warned that a “frightened” new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles could be putting innocent people at risk.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for Transport said the use of drones “can be very dangerous and could cause serious harm to the public.”

It said the government was working with civil society to ensure that people had the tools they need to protect themselves and others from this new technology.

“We know drones pose serious risks to people and the environment and are a major threat to public health and safety.

The government will continue to work closely with civil societies to ensure the best possible solutions are in place for both the public and the private sector to protect public health,” it said.’

Criminals, terrorists’In a statement issued on Tuesday night, the Department of Transport said it had been in contact with the Royal Air Force about drones, but it was not able to confirm the identities of any individual who may have been using the drones.

“The UK Government is working with the RAAF to develop a response to the threat and is prepared to assist in any way that we can, should it be needed,” it added.RAAF spokesperson Lieutenant-General Mark Dannenberger said the RAB’s “preliminary analysis” indicated that the “risk to civilians is minimal” and the aircraft had been cleared for the use.”RAB aircraft are equipped to operate in the airspace in which the aircraft is operating,” he said.

“As the aircraft are flying over the UK, there is no impact to air traffic control.”

There are no drones flying over our airfields or operating in the UK airspace at this time.

The airspace around RAF Fawkner is protected by radar and other measures.”‘

The UK is at war’The RAF is a US-led coalition of allied militaries that conducts air strikes against militant targets.

Its aircraft are used to carry out air strikes in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Its website states that it “operates in all of the world’s most dangerous regions, including Africa, the Middle East and Asia”.

It said in April it would establish a new “warfighting capability” to counter the growing threat from the proliferation of drones and unmanned aerial systems.

It is expected to have a “robust and experienced” workforce to work with civilian partners in its drone programme, the RAF said.

It said drones could also help in “preventing, detecting and preventing terrorist acts”.

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