Why are the cost of petrol and diesel so much higher in the UK than in the US?

4th March, 2018 at 12:23:54When you are a household in the United States, you don’t have to worry about paying a bill for the petrol or diesel you use.

And the reason is because the fuel you use for that is free.

The cost of fuel in the U.S. is higher than in most other countries.

But the main reason is that fuel is subsidized.

This means that the price of fuel is paid for by the government, not by the private sector.

That’s why the price you pay for your petrol or for the diesel you drive is so much lower in the USA than in many other countries around the world.

When it comes to the price for a gallon of petrol in the States, the average price is $2.19 per gallon.

In Canada, it’s $2 per litre, in Australia it’s a little less, but the average is about $3.50 per litereal.

So you have to spend almost $20 per litres to get the same price as in Canada.

And this is because of the government subsidy.

The reason why fuel prices in the Netherlands are much lower than in other countries is that they pay the government for the subsidy.

That means that you pay more than in Canada and Australia.

The government of the Netherlands has a very different subsidy system.

The Netherlands government pays for the subsidies through the government of each municipality.

The Netherlands has no government-run fuel companies.

There are two major fuel companies, two small fuel companies and one large fuel company.

These are all regulated by the Dutch government, so the companies are fully independent.

The main reason why the Netherlands government has such a different subsidy scheme from other countries, is because fuel is more expensive than other products in the economy.

The government subsidizes gasoline because it is cheaper to produce it.

It is also cheaper to sell it than to buy it.

The fuel companies pay for this by charging a higher price.

But if you want to buy fuel, you have a higher cost of living than if you just buy a product.

So the government subsidises the fuel companies by making them pay a higher rate.

The cost of gasoline in the Dutch market is about 3.7 euros per liter.

That is a lot higher than the cost in the rest of Europe.

When you buy a gallon or litre of gasoline from a fuel company, the government pays a premium.

This is because if you buy from a private fuel company and pay the company a higher premium than the average of the other fuel companies in the country, the company will buy more fuel than the market would otherwise demand.

This creates an incentive for the fuel company to make more fuel, and that drives up the price.

The prices are different in every municipality.

In the Netherlands, the price is about 4.5 euros per gallon for diesel and about 4 euros per liter for petrol.

But in Germany and Sweden, the prices are higher, about 7.8 euros per Litre.

So when you buy fuel in these countries, you pay the same as if you bought it from a gasoline company.

In the Netherlands the average rate of price is 3.6 euros per unit of fuel.

In Norway, the cost is about 7 euros per 100 liters.

In Sweden it is 8.4 euros per tonne.

So the price in Norway is 8 euros per 200 liters or 7.5 cents per literal.

In Denmark it is 4.4 or 6 euros per kilogram.

In Germany, it is 5 euros per kg or 6.3 cents per kilo.

In all these countries the prices vary a lot, because the government sets the prices.

It sets a rate for each municipality based on the fuel used.

In Canada, the fuel is sold at the same wholesale price as it is in the European countries.

That price is usually between 8.6 cents and 8.8 cents per liter.

So when you use a gallon in Canada, you are paying 8.9 cents per gallon or 8.3 euros per kilometre.

When a gallon is sold in Canada you are usually paying about 7 cents per cent, but if you use it for an extended period of time, that figure will change.

The fuel that is sold is generally heavier, so it will weigh more.

In this case, the wholesale price will increase.

And if you get it at the supermarket, it will be sold at about 10 cents per kg.

But you are getting the same amount of fuel as you would buy in Europe, if you have it in the supermarket.

The price of gasoline is the price that the government has set.

It will vary according to what the market price is.

The Dutch government pays about 4 cents per 100 kilos (1,200 pounds) of fuel, so that is around 10 cents for every kilo of fuel sold in the whole country.

In Sweden, they

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